Author: Lola Ojomo

The Pure HomeCare - COVID KIT

Giving our CareGivers and Clients the best possible protection we can.

So What do you do?

COVID hits your clients and Caregivers. We can't stop supporting our vulnerable clients but we also have our Caregivers safety to think about.

You rack your brains and come up with the Pure HomeCare COVID Kit!

Where a client is symptomatic, has recently been in hospital or has been diagnosed with COVID-19, you will be immediately issued with the COVID Kit.

The Pure HomeCare COVID kit has the following items:

- Face Masks
- Face Visors
- Gloves
- Disposable Sleeves
- Disposable aprons
- Disposable Shoe covers
- Disposable Hair Nets
- Hand Sanitisers
- Bio - degradable bags

- Set of instructions and training from the Clinical Lead Nurse, Maria on how to use and SAFELY dispose of used PPEs in the kit.