Safeguarding vulnerable adults is a vitally important area of care. Our training course is designed to specifically inform individuals working in the health and social care sector on how to safeguard adults at risk, particularly individuals with learning disabilities, mental health issues, and the elderly.

Our highly experienced training manager, Mark, takes the participants through the definition of key terms, such as ‘abuse’, ‘neglect’, and ‘adult at risk’. The course will focus on training participants in how to recognise the signs of abuse and how to respond to and report possible abuse.

The safeguarding training will also cover the legal aspects of abuse and neglect, ensuring that participants are fully aware of the law. While our courses are not accredited, they are still valuable training opportunities for those working in the care sector. They present the opportunity to expand knowledge and boost CVs, and further training will always help in securing employment. If this is a course that may benefit you please contact us, or visit us at our offices close to Leicester city centre.

Click here for a breakdown of the lesson plan for this day course.

Target audience: Frontline staff in the health and social care sector

Topics covered:

  • Defining abuse and neglect

  • Definition of an “adult at risk”

  • Recognising signs of abuse

  • Recognising abusive situations

  • Responding to possible abuse

  • Reporting abuse

  • Record keeping

  • Whistleblowing

  • How to support someone who reports abuse

  • Legal aspects of abuse and neglect

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