Client Portal...

A unique innovation.

We understand how important it is for Clients and their loved ones to be able to see what is going on with their care, no matter where in the world they are. This is why we developed our Client Portal, an online app that can be accessed from all desktop computers, laptops and mobile devices, all via the internet. It allows Clients and their family to see every aspect of their care, from up-to-the-minute care call information to detailed Caregiver profiles.

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Complete peace of mind.

We go the extra mile to provide reassurance to our Clients. Our unique Portal allows Clients and their family to view every detail about their care and even monitor their care in real time.

The Portal includes all Caregiver background and training information and allows loved ones to easily check that care calls have been made and submit care requests should circumstances change.

Control of Care...

Your care, your choices.

It is important to us that our Clients and their family are fully involved in every part of the service we provide and have complete control over the care that is given.

Designed to be easy to use and accessible for all, the Portal allows for easy viewing and management of care services and facilitates fast and easy contact should Clients want to make flexible care requests.

Trust & Companionship...

We’re here for you.

We believe that high-quality, individually tailored care is a result of a collaborative process between the Client, their family and us.

The Portal provides a direct line of communication between the Client and every member of our dedicated team, ensuring that we can understand and act on any requests and needs, as well as continuing to work together to create a trusting and positive relationship.

Client Specific Training…

Care that’s tailored to you.

We work closely with our Clients, their families, carers or Case Managers to design a bespoke training program that ensures all unique and complex care needs are met.

The Portal enables Clients and those responsible for their wellbeing to review each Caregiver’s training profile and request that they receive specific training to cater for whatever care requirements a Client may have.