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Hospital Discharge

Welcoming You Back Home

Do you or your loved ones need additional support at home when you are being discharged from hospital? We understand that returning home after hospital can be a little worrying, so we go the extra mile to help Clients to feel safe, comfortable and supported. Whatever the reason you went into hospital, our care service can be the gentle assistance you need until you are back on your feet.

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    A Tailored Recovery

    Personalised Care & Support

    We don’t offer set packages of care, instead we tailor our care services to each individual Client. We understand that each person has their own wants and needs, and we also know the situation will change as recovery progresses. Before you leave hospital, we will make an assessment of your condition and another of your home to ensure that it is an environment that supports a safe delivery of care.

    We will listen carefully to your personal requirements and ensure that we also fully understand your medical needs. We will then develop the right care package that will help you to return to health. This can include anything from help with housework and meal preparation to personal care and medication prompts. Whatever you need, we’ll support your recovery at home.

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    Controlling Your Care

    You Choose Your Services

    With Pure Homecare, Clients are in charge of their care. Our belief is that care should be about choice and control, so when Clients contact us they get to specify what care is to be provided, when, and by who. It’s a vital part of respecting the individual and helping to regain their independence. The care they get is theirs. They choose.

    Our Client Portal makes it easy for Clients and their loved ones to control their care. By logging into the Portal, you can easily view and manage every aspect of your or your loved one’s care. You can check that care has been given and by who, you can notify us of any services you’d like to add, stop, or change, and you can even request that your Caregiver receives further specific training.

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    Consistency & Companionship

    Taking Real Care of You

    Hospital care involved lots of different nurses and doctors, which can feel overwhelming. When you get back to the comfort and familiarity of your own home, we make sure that you receive care based on a consistent one-to-one relationship. We carefully match each Client to their Caregiver based on background, training and personality, giving them the opportunity to meet before care begins to ensure suitability.

    Our care calls are also a minimum of one hour long. We don’t believe we can provide the care you need to recuperate fully in under 60 minute visits. Most importantly, we certainly don’t want our Clients to feel rushed, unsupported or undervalued. Our Caregivers go at the right pace for each Client, ensuring that they receive the level of care and support that they want and deserve.

    Pure Homecare now accepts Social Services direct payment cards, giving you the control over your own care service.