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Home Care You Can Rely On

As home care specialists with 10 years of experience, we understand the organisational and financial demands that are placed upon case managers when it comes to providing care packages for their clients. We offer a collaborative partnership that ensures your client receives a transparent, flexible and reliable long-term care strategy that is committed to upholding their independence and wellbeing.

Founded on the ethos that care should be transparent, trusted and client-controlled, we have received a number of awards from leading care award organisations in recognition of our fantastic carers, quality services and innovative approach to home care. With our Clients’ best interests at the core of everything we do, we continue to achieve and surpass all care sector expectations.

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    Delivering the Care Your Client Needs

    We’re more than just a care provider. We believe in partnering with healthcare professionals, clinicians and case workers to provide a service that enhances your role, reduces your workload and provides the best possible care for your client.

    We understand that you need a reliable, trusted care company to provide support as you oversee and coordinate care for your client. From conducting assessments and establishing comprehensive quotations, to creating and carrying out bespoke care packages that meet Client needs, we ensure that you get the exact advice, support and care services you require throughout both pre-settlement and post-settlement cases.

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    Transparent, Tailored Care

    Care You Can Trust

    We believe in trust, transparency, and client independence at every level of our care services. As a case manager, you need to know everything about the service your client is receiving and you need to be able to get this information whenever you need. Not only do we ensure you have named contacts to coordinate all communications, documentation and reporting with, but we also offer complete visibility into our services via our Client Portal. An online app, the Client Portal records care information in real time and features detailed Caregiver profiles and contact information.

    We also believe in providing completely bespoke care to each of our clients to ensure that their unique and complex needs are fully met. As such, we work closely with care managers and Clients to develop an individually tailored program of care. This includes matching Clients with Caregivers based on not only care needs but personalities, languages and cultural and religious requirements. And, should a Client request additional training for their Caregiver, we are able to provide this with our in-house training facility.

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    Consistency in Quality

    Ensuring the Wellbeing of Your Client

    Consistency and companionship are vital elements to the holistic care that we provide. We believe that having the same friendly Caregiver or Caregiving team is extremely important for the wellbeing of all of our Clients and we therefore encourage long-term, consistent, one-to-one relationships, fostering these based on carefully considered Client-Caregiver matches. We thoroughly check and assess all of our Caregivers backgrounds to ensure that our Clients are in safe and capable hands, and regular spot checks and supervision.

    Our care calls are also a minimum of one hour long. We don’t believe we can provide true care in visits that are less than an hour; we don’t want our Clients to feel rushed, unsupported or undervalued. Our Caregivers are able to go at the pace suitable for the individual Client, ensuring that they receive the level of care and support that they want and deserve.