Author: Lola Ojomo

Please Help to Support the Ragoobeer Family

Those local to Leicester and many further afield will have undoubtedly heard about the devastating explosion that happened just a few days ago on Hinckley Road. What you may not know is that it happened at the home of one of our dearest colleagues and most loved caregivers, Jose Ragoobeer.

On the evening of Sunday the 25th of February 2018, Jose Ragoobeer received a phone call that was to change his life forever. There had been an explosion in his flat. The explosion destroyed everything and claimed the lives of two of his children, Shane and Sean, as well as his wife, Mary.

Jose was at work at the time of the incident, caring for a client. His son, Scott, was at home with the rest of the family at the time of the incident and mercifully survived.

The people and families Jose supports have been devastated to hear the news, as have Jose’s colleagues and the wider community.

Jose is an extraordinary human being. Throughout his many years as a professional caregiver, Jose has dutifully provided amazing support to a number of vulnerable adults. Tirelessly and selflessly putting his clients first every single time, he treats each and every person with such dignity, love and respect – and would lovingly support his clients without getting a single penny for it.

It can be hard to know what to say or do when tragedy strikes, but it seems clear to us to lead by Jose’s example: Jose Ragoobeer has been a giver for all of his life. We would like to give him something back. We’ve set up a JustGiving crowdfunding page in the hope of raising £100,000 to help Jose in trying to build a new life for himself and his remaining son, Scott.

Scott and Jose are currently being supported by the police and social services. We understand that Scott is getting better but please continue to remember them both in your thoughts and prayers as it means so much: Jose has recently reached out to thank everyone for the wonderful support.

We’ve so far raised over £8,000, which is an amazing result in just a few days. But we’d love to see that total rise. Please encourage your friends and family to donate as we have a long way to go to help this amazing family. To everyone that has donated or left comforting words for the family, your generosity and kindness of heart is phenomenal and we cannot thank you enough.

Please visit to donate.