Author: Lola Ojomo

How Can the Client Portal Help You?

The Client Portal is a real point of pride here at Pure Homecare. It’s a unique innovation that has helped to bring about even more transparency across our services and enabled a multitude of users to gain more control over their own care programmes or the care programmes of those they are responsible for. Read on to find out why we developed this clever application and see how it could help you.

Why Did We Develop the Client Portal?

After many years working in the care industry, we came to understand how important it is for Clients, their families and anyone supervising a Client’s care to be able to have visibility into and control over their care services.

Clients should be able to control their own care. Should they want to make changes to their schedule, request further training for their Caregiver or get in contact with our team, then they should be able to do this quickly and easily. It’s their care, after all.

Family members nowadays are so often spread across the country – if not the globe – and are therefore unable to check in with their loved one in person. It’s so important to still feel fully involved despite the distance, and to have the peace of mind and reassurance that the correct care is being given and that care calls are being made by fully-trained, consistent Caregivers.

Case Managers and other professionals responsible for those in need of care also need to be able to supervise their Clients’ care program remotely to ensure that the appropriate care is being given as agreed.

Unfortunately, there were limited options when it came to a truly transparent and easy-to-use way for all of the above individuals to be able to do the things they want and need to do when it comes to managing and viewing their care.

We realised that the answer to all of these needs would be a system that would enable Clients, their families and Care Managers to access care information and see every aspect of the care in one easy to use place. So we developed an online app that would hold all of the necessary information and be accessible from all desktop computers, laptops and mobile devices via a secure login.

An Intuitive, User-Friendly System

We understood that a range of people would be using the Client Portal, some tech-savvy and some quite the opposite, so it was important that the Portal was intuitive, user-friendly and easy to operate.

We designed a simple user interface with clear headings denoting each area of our Client’s care services: the schedule, invoices, documents and Pure Homecare contact information.

Users are able to clearly view past, present and future schedules. It even enables users to monitor care calls in real time. The schedules appear in a table, where the columns outline the date of the care call, the planned time and duration, the actual times and duration, the status of the call, the attending Caregiver, the tasks performed and any further details. Users are able to click onto the Caregiver names to view a detailed profile that includes a photograph, notes, training, qualifications, supervisions, spot-checks and appraisal information.

To enable users to quickly and easily amend future care calls, a clear red ‘Change’ button is featured in the final column of the schedule table, which allows timings and dates to be edited or for the call to be cancelled altogether.

How it Helps Our Clients

For our Clients, the Client Portal is all about handing over control. We strongly believe that Clients should be in control of their care, and the Portal helps them to manage their care programme as they see fit. They are able to easily view and manage their schedule and make flexible care requests or ask for their Caregivers to receive specific training.

The Portal also provides a direct line of communication between the Client and every member of our dedicated team, ensuring that we can understand and act on any requests and needs, as well as continuing to work together to create a trusting and positive relationship.

How it Helps Families

If a family member is taking on the responsibility of organising their loved one’s care, then the Client Portal helps them to do this effectively and efficiently, just as it does our Clients. They can easily view and manage the care services and contact our team from wherever they are, at any time.

Another important role that the Client Portal fulfils for the families of Clients is that it offers peace of mind. The transparency that it provides brings crucial reassurance that their loved one is being properly looked after. They can monitor care calls in real time, easily check that care calls have been made and submit care requests should circumstances change.

It also helps relatives that may live far away to feel more involved in their loved one’s care. Thanks to detailed Caregiver profiles, they are able to see the very people who are helping their family member. We totally understand how many people are worried about the wellbeing of their loved one and have concerns about the people who will be caring for them. If family members aren’t able to meet our Caregivers in person, then the Client Portal enables them to see photographs and a personal profile as well as detailed information about their training, qualifications and appraisals. It’s an added insight that means they can picture who their loved one is talking about if they mention them, which we find is a really special benefit.

How it helps Case Managers

The Client Portal is a unique offering that is proving really useful for Case Managers. Case Managers need to know everything about the services their Clients are receiving, and they often need to access this information from afar. While the Case Managers who partner with us will have a named contact to coordinate all communications, documentation and reporting with, the Client Portal offers additional visibility into their Client’s care services.

Through the Client Portal, Case Managers can check care calls in real time, make requests for additional training or amend care calls if circumstances change. It allows for the swift management and clear insight that Case Managers need to oversee and coordinate care for their Client.

An Award-Winning Innovation

Our Client Portal has won several awards for its innovative approach to answering prevalent needs within the care industry. In 2014 we were a Great British Care Awards Regional Winner in the Care Innovator category, with the judges commenting that the Client Portal was “A truly innovative idea, motivated by a genuine care need… it shows real promise.” In fact, the judges were so impressed by the Client Portal that we were ultimately awarded Care Innovator 2014 in recognition of its unique innovation. In 2015 the Client Portal also won us a finalist place in the East Midlands Chamber of Commerce Excellence in Innovation category.

We’re really proud to have the Client Portal recognised for its innovation. But most of all, we’re happy that it’s helping our Clients, their families and Case Managers to have absolute visibility into and more control over the care services we provide.

Want to find out more about our Client Portal? Our team are always happy to answer any questions or queries you may have. You can get in touch with them via our website or by calling our Leicester office on 0116 2549 450 or our Birmingham office on 0121 355 2232.