Author: Lola Ojomo

Fundraising for Wishes 4 Kids!

While some people run marathons or do bungee jumps to fundraise for charity, not everyone can go to such lengths or partake in such extreme activities. However, if you’re like us and are in the latter camp, fear not. There are lots of little things you can do to raise money for your chosen charity. 

Collage blue face

Our very own Angelina was set a challenge of raising as much as she could by 7pm on Saturday 13th May for a charity called Wishes 4 Kids. Wishes 4 Kids offer children in Leicester that have been through traumatic circumstances or have life-limiting conditions the chance to have a wish met. It can be a really life-changing experience for children in need of a little bit of hope and happiness.

So she got to thinking a little outside the box. Her decision? Paint her face blue for the whole of Friday 12th – yes, she’d be blue in the face during her commute, whilst she was at work, during her lunch break and all the way home! We think it was a pretty brave decision and it gave everyone a good laugh for a good cause and raised some money for a brilliant charity along the way. 

blue face 2