Complete Home Care

24/7 Live-In Care & Support

At Pure Homecare, we understand that Clients want to retain their independence and remain in their own homes. We help them to achieve this by supporting them in the areas of life with which they need assistance. Whatever our Clients need, we work closely with each of them to develop a bespoke program of consistent yet flexible care that they control.

Sometimes a few hours of care simply isn’t enough to support you or your loved one. We can provide a round-the-clock care service for those who need more continuous assistance, offering highly-trained Caregivers who live with you or your family member and work as a familiar, friendly and flexible team to provide the care and support that you or your loved one needs and deserves, 24/7. We provide home care services in Leicester, Rutland, Sutton Coldfield and Birmingham.

Tailor-Made Home Care

Supporting Each Individual

We don’t provide set packages of care, instead we tailor our care services to each individual Client. We understand that each person has their own wants and needs. We also know how situations can change. We provide a broad range of services, all of which are available to every Client. We work closely with you to develop the right care package, ensuring that it meets your requirements. This includes catering for different languages, cultural needs and religions.

So, whether it’s just a visit a week to go out for a walk, daily visits to assist with personal care or medication prompts, a helping hand with light housework or meal preparation - we can cater for every need. Or, if one week a Client wants assistance with shopping and the next they don’t, that’s fine with us, too. We’re just here to help.

One-to-One Care

Services Tailored to You

We don’t provide ‘off the shelf’ set packages of care to our Clients, instead we tailor all of our services to each individual Client. We understand that each person has their own wants and needs and we also cater for different languages and cultural and religious requirements. Our Caregivers also receive specialist and specific training on how to care for individuals with long-term conditions and can receive additional training from our in-house training facility.

We work closely with you to develop a program of care that suits you. We listen carefully to all of your personal requirements and also ensure that your medical needs are fully met. Our live-in Caregivers are fully trained in providing every kind of care that an individual may need, delivering it with respect and sensitivity.

Control of Care

Your Care, Your Choice

With Pure Homecare, Clients are in charge of their care. Our belief is that care should be about choice and control, so when Clients contact us they get to specify what care is to be provided, when and by who. It’s a vital part of respecting the individual and helping to promote their independence. The care they get is theirs. They choose.

We have made it easy for Clients and their loved ones to control their care. By logging in to our unique and innovative Client Portal, Clients and their loved ones can easily view and manage every aspect of their care, from reading detailed Caregiver profiles and viewing invoices, to making changes to their care program or requesting further training for their Caregiver.

Consistency & Companionship

We're Here For You

The holistic nature of our care means that consistency and companionship are vital aspects of the care we provide. We encourage long-term, consistent, one-to-one relationships between our Caregivers and our Clients, carefully matching each Client to their Caregiver based on background, training and personalities and giving Clients the opportunity to meet their proposed Caregiver before we begin their care package to ensure suitability.

Our care calls are also a minimum of one hour long. We don’t believe we can provide true care in visits that are less than an hour; we don’t want our Clients to feel rushed, unsupported or undervalued. Our Caregivers are able to go at the pace suitable for the individual Client, ensuring that they receive the level of care and support that they want and deserve.

Pure Homecare now accepts Social Services direct payment cards, giving you the control over your own care service.