Live-In Care Across Leicester & Birmingham

24/7 Care & Support

Sometimes a few hours of care simply isn’t enough to support you or your loved one. We can provide a round-the-clock care service for those who need more continuous assistance, offering highly-trained Caregivers who live with you or your family member and work as a familiar, friendly and flexible team to provide the care and support that you or your loved one needs and deserves, 24/7. We provide live in care services across Birmingham, the West Midlands and across the East Midlands in Leicester and Nottingham.

One-to-One Care

24 Hour and Night Care

We don’t provide ‘off the shelf’ set packages of care to our Clients, from night care through to 24 hour constant, we tailor all of our services to each individual Client. We understand that each person has their own wants and needs and we also cater for different languages and cultural and religious requirements. Our Caregivers also receive specialist and specific training on how to care for individuals with long-term conditions and can receive additional training from our in-house training facility.

We work closely with you to develop a program of care that suits you. We listen carefully to all of your personal requirements and also ensure that your medical needs are fully met. Our live-in Caregivers are fully trained in providing every kind of care that an individual may need, delivering it with respect and sensitivity. Contact us for night care and 24 hour care.

You Control Your Care

The Client Portal

We believe in Client-controlled care. We tailor our services to what our Clients and their loved ones request, meaning that every aspect of care - from what care is provided, to when it is provided, and by who - is totally up to our Clients. With Pure Homecare, it’s simple for our Clients and their loved ones to control their care thanks to our unique Client Portal.

By logging into the Portal, it is possible to view and manage every aspect of your or your family member’s care. Checking up on your loved one is simple thanks to real-time monitoring, which helps to give you peace of mind. The Portal also makes administration easy, as requesting changes to your care program or further training for your Caregiver is a quick and simple process.

Consistency & Companionship

Friendly and Familiar Support

Consistency and companionship are vital elements to the holistic care that we provide. We believe that having the same friendly Caregiver or Caregiving team is extremely important for the wellbeing of all of our Clients and we therefore encourage long-term, consistent, one-to-one relationships, fostering these based on carefully considered Client-Caregiver matches.

For our Clients who need 24/7 Live-In Care, we match them with two Caregivers who then move in with the Client and work in tandem one week on, one week off. We understand that having someone else living in your home can be a big change to get used to, however we make sure that Clients and their Caregivers are compatible before care begins. We can assure you that we thoroughly check and assess all of our Caregivers backgrounds to ensure that our Clients are in safe and capable hands. Regular spot checks and supervision can also give you the peace of mind that your Caregiver/s can be trusted to deliver the care you need and deserve.

Pure Homecare now accepts Social Services direct payment cards, giving you the control over your own care service.